Kraft Lab


We use yeast and mammalian cell cultures as model systems. Our approaches include biochemistry/molecular biology, as well as microscopy, super-resolution microscopy and synthetic biology.

Please apply with a CV, a motivation letter as well as the contact details of two referees.

Technician/ Lab manager position

We are looking for a technician/ lab manager for our team, ideally with experience in molecular biology techniques, cell culture and fluorescence microscopy. Tasks will include general lab managment, ordering, etc., but also participation in research projects.

PhD student/ Postdoc positions

We are looking for motivated PhD students and postdocs willing to join our team. We are working on different aspects of autophagy regulation.

Required: The candidate should have an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences.

They should have a working knowledge of cell biology/molecular biology and should be willing to work as part of an interdisciplinary team.

There are currently no open positions.